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Pastor’s Corner (Rev. Jenny Partch)

As the seasons switch over from summer to fall, it reminds me that the summer harvest has come to an end and it is time to prepare the soil for a rest and to rejuvenate its nutrients for the next growing season. In the wheat growing areas of eastern Washington, winter wheat will be planted as a final piece of work before putting away the equipment for the season. The seeds will sprout in the fall, then go almost dormant for the winter. Going through the cold season triggers the plants to flower in spring that will then produce grain in summer.

As a church, we go through cycles and seasons of growth and dormancy as well. This past spring and summer were a busy learning and growing season for the church board and the fruit of their work is a vision statement and ministry goals for our church. We had a great turn out of folks at the All-Church Potluck in September to look at these documents and give feedback. Thank you to everyone who participated. Much like the winter wheat, our plans need to go through a special season that will trigger flowering and growth in the new year. They do not need dormancy and cold, but need adoption and stewarding by everyone of the church.

When we each take part in working on different pieces of the goals in various ministry areas, we will see flowering and fruit from them. Left on a piece of paper in a filing drawer, these plans will not bear fruit. Placed in capable hands of people throughout our congregation, these plans can be given life and live through the work of each person of the congregation.

We are each in our own season of life during the seasons of the earth and the seasons of the church. I do not take this lightly, rather I encourage you to spend time contemplating what season you are in. Many of you are “do-ers” and have enjoyed very fruitful summers in your lives. But when our lives shift from summer to fall to winter, our activity levels and abilities shift into different expressions. Therefore, we need to shift our interests and gifts to what is appropriate for the season of our current life. That might mean moving from being a person who once got down on the floor with children to being the person who writes them notes and prays for them regularly instead. Or perhaps you were a person who fixed leaks in pipes or painted the outside wall all the way to the peak of the roof and need to shift to writing down everything you know about the building so future repair folks have a blueprint for where things are and how they work. Some of us may be moving from early spring into the summer of our lives. We need to take up the mantle of doing teaching now that we’ve moved from teenager to adult. Or we can step into planning or serving in an outreach ministry we are passionate about. We each have something to offer our community and it is okay if it looks different than how we once served and its okay if we are a little fearful of taking up the lead of areas we watched previous generations handle before.

Take time to consider where God is inviting you to be engaged in this community we call Highline UMC. And be ready for God to surprise you with something new! Gift Surveys are available at the church. By filling it out and turning it in to the office or Pastor Jenny, you will help us know how to connect you in service to God and neighbor.

Pastor Jenny