Easter pagent from 2012  
http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=swwlW0uyOTw

Sunday School

Kim Moimoi is lead Nursery Room teacher         
Helen Enguerra, Lote Faalelea
: Preschool through Primary
Sione Huakau: Intermediate
Sika Masitalo
:  Junior/Senior High
Margaret Gasetoto continues to assist with musical and dramatic presentations

Highline United Methodist Church
13015 1st Ave S.  Burien, WA  98168

Phone: 206-241-5520

Open hearts, Open minds, Open doors.
Children and Youth

Along with the congregation, again I say THANK YOU students, teachers, and grandparents for the wonderful performance that was given in Music and pageantry on Christmas Eve. The story of Jesus’ birth can be told over and over again but when Children tell the story, it takes on a new meaning. Thank you again.

Our Sunday School has progressed so well, the teachers and their devotion to the program is the answer. Thank you and God Bless you all as you teach the children the way of living a good life, thank you Keli, Sione, and Sika.

I have had the privilege of working in our Sunday School program for many years, and it has really been wonderful these past years. This staff has gone beyond the call making it interesting for the children, in study of Gods’ word, in music, learning to take part in the 3rd Sunday Morning Worship, and enjoying outside activities as a Church Group. They went ice skating in December as a Church Group, enjoying the activity and no bad falls.

Also our Bible Study program during Advent and Lent does well. The Education Program of Highline is in Strong Hands and will grow. Thank you to the Committee for seeing that the needs of the children are met at all times.

May the teachers find strength to help the children know that God walks with each one, and we as the Church are here to support each one in their journey of learning.

For more information call the Church  Office at 206-241-5520